Gumroad Embed for WordPress

Sell your digital products right from your WordPress blog or website. This plugin automatically converts Gumroad product links into “Buy Now” buttons which bring up the Gumroad overlay for instant purchase.

New in 1.3.1 — Support for Gumroad products embeds. Simply enter the product URL own its own line and it will be rendered as product embed.

Getting Started

Simply download the plugin ZIP file and install it as regular WordPress plugin by going to “Plugins → Add New” and selecting the “Upload Plugin” tag.

Using Gumroad Embed

Gumroad Embed is extremely smart — there is no need to configure anything. Simply paste the short link to your Gumroad product (with the domain) in any post or page and it will automatically be converted into a dynamic link.

Add Gumroad Buy Now Button (Overlay)

Add the product link anywhere in the post and page like so:

Here is the plugin I built:

<a href="">Buy it Now!</a>.

which will render the button:

Buy it Now!

Add Gumroad Product Embed

Paste your Gumroad product URL in a new line in a post or page like so:

[..] end of paragrph one.

Start of the next paragraph...

which will render the embed: