Tinker WordPress Theme for Makers

Tinker is a personal, customizable and amazingly fast WordPress theme — built from ground up for writers, makers and tinkerers. It’s the perfect logbook for your next project, status update and story of building, creating and writing.

Tinker is super fast & light. It was built from scratch using only the WordPress best practices, standard APIs and features. It is as fast as it gets.

Built-in theme customizer. Tinker uses the WordPress built-in theme customiser with live preview for quick and easy configuration of theme colors and interface elements. No custom options panels or frameworks that slow down your site and administration section.

Profile photo from Gravatar. Use your Gravatar profile image as a logo for quick personalisation which your readers will instantly recognise as your online identity. You can disable this feature in the theme customiser.

Custom fonts & colors. Over twenty hand selected high quality fonts from the Google Web Font library for both headings and body text. Optimised and loaded according to the best practices which you won’t find in any other WordPress theme or plugin.

Widgetized footer area. Add a search box, category archive or any other type of widget for easy access in the footer. Tinker places your content in the spotlight while making all the other important stuff accessible in the footer.

Beautiful nested comments. Blogs are about sharing your experiences and building a community with passionate readers and like-minded friends.

Localisation and internationalization ready.  Translate Tinker into your own language. Includes translations for Latvian, Lithuanian.

Screenshot of the Tinker WordPress theme

Installing and Customizing Tinker

Please visit the Tinker documentation →